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Top the Grade provides one-on-one tutoring in all subjects from the basics of Math, Reading, and Writing up to graduate study and continuing education.  We hope to be your first choice for Bay Area tutoring.

Our Instructors

All Top the Grade tutors go through a rigorous screening process and undergo background checks.  Many are licensed teachers in the state. We take pride in our team working with your family.

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Are you tired or lacking time to teach your son or daughter the material? Do you find yourself needing extra time or is your child just needing an extra push?

That is where we come in! Sit back and let us do the teaching so you can have time to do what you want.

Why is teaching your own child so hard? One reason is because there is a strong emotional attachment and your child interprets everything you say by thinking of you being the parent and all the emotion behind it.

When an outside tutor comes in, there is no parental attachment and sometimes a child may not want to hear something from a parent, but will from an outsider. There are many reasons why a tutor can help your help child learn more in less time. 

Maybe you just need somebody with expertise in a subject. Whatever it is, just let us know and we will do what we can to help your child learn!

And when your child learns then you can be less stressed and have more time!

Learning is not easy. And teaching is not easy. Being a parent is not easy! Are you feeling stressed?